In-Clinic Diagnostics

Having an in-house diagnostics laboratory, digital radiography, and ultrasound capabilities means that Sparta Veterinary Services offers a wide range of diagnostic services all under one roof. These in-house testing capabilities provide pet owners in Sparta, Tennessee with an expedited diagnosing process for their companion pets. Instead of having to send out tests and lab samples to outside laboratories and waiting days for the results, we can process them on site, typically within a matter of minutes. This is especially beneficial for critical illness and injury cases that need prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Some health conditions may not be obvious during an external examination. For this reason, we conduct in-house diagnostic tests to get an accurate picture of your pet’s overall health. At Sparta Veterinary Services, we recommend regular diagnostic testing so that our veterinarian will have baseline information about your pet. Having a history of test results lets us know if there is a significant change that indicates an underlying condition or disease.

Our routine laboratory tests include complete blood count (CBC), standard and advanced blood chemistry panels, heartworm testing, thyroid testing, fecal and urinalysis tests. We screen for tick-borne diseases, parvovirus, and glucose abnormalities. Results from these tests give us crucial information to monitor kidney, liver, and pancreas function and hydration levels, detect parasites, track the effectiveness of drug therapies, and discover infections and complicated diseases. We also conduct blood work before each surgical procedure so that our veterinarian will be alerted to any conditions that may cause complications.

Our team at Sparta Veterinary Services wants to keep your pet healthy and happy for years to come. If you live in White, Warren, Van Buren, Putnam, or DeKalb County, schedule your pet’s annual wellness visit today.

To provide each pet we serve with heartfelt compassion and their people with honesty and kindness in a manner that is comprehensive and considerate.

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